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Hi Heidi. This is a very recent photo of Figgy, now Freddy, with me. I am so totally enjoying riding him. He is turning out to be such a great partner for me. I hop in my car everyday excited to go to the barn and have my lesson! I just wanted you to know that you facilitated a very happy match. RegardsMary Cutler


I came to Heidi in 2013 looking for a special horse. She worked very hard to assure I had many horses to look at in a short amount of time and I did find that very special horse with Heidi! Recently I decided to sell another special horse, I talked to Heidi about sending him to her as I know how impeccable she runs her barn and training operation and how well connected she is. Well in less than 2 months Heidi had a very special person to purchase my horse, I couldn’t be happier and I know the buyer is too!Valerie Heckrodt

Dear Heidi,

Now that Sterling has transitioned well in Colorado I finally want to take the time to thank you.

We appreciate it very much how easy it was to arrange an appointment to try Sterling, two days in a row. You were very accommodating, very respectful of our space and need to think and observe the horse being ridden by our daughter and her interaction with him.

The whole process has been extremely smooth. From the vet check, trying him out, through the process of buying him and finally when you prepared him for the journey to Colorado.

Thank you so so much for buying him organic carrots for his transportation, putting all his stuff in the big pink box, and making sure that all his belongings where following him in the trailer to the airport and then on the airplane.

We felt you were really caring for his well being and this touched us very much!

I do not have enough words to thank you enough for all your support, trust and patience during all this process.

These beings are doing so much for us and they deserve to be treated with lots of respect and affection. We could feel that you see them. It is heart warming to know that you are seeing them this way while doing this difficult job of selling high level dressage horses.

We are extremely happy to be with Sterling, he is such an interesting character, affectionate, and wants to please. He likes Victoria, this is clear!

For the moment he is in a horse facility were Sandy Hotz is teaching To make sure that the transition is smooth for him and that she can ride him and also teach Victoria until she rides him better and can practice alone at our farm.He already made some friends, and will be turned out with a horse that he seems to like very much.

When Victoria, our daughter, will get to know him better, and ride him with more ease we will bring him to our farm, where he will be living and he will be turned out a few hours a day in beautiful organic pasture. We will also find him a friend to live with. And he will continue to go twice or three times a week to the barn where he is at now and connect with his present friends.

We are so lucky to be with such a horse and thank you deeply for helping us make our dream come true with this particular boy!
Isabelle Joris


Thanks for such a professional process and good training for Drago. I hope the new owner has a wonderful journey with this kind horse.Millie McCoy

Hi Heidi, Thank you so much for your expert job at selling my best friend and horse of a lifetime. It was heart wrenching to make the decision to sell Delaware. I felt that he could help another amateur like myself or a young rider reach their goals and make their dreams come true as he did for me.

I learned of Heidi and her business when I brought two friends to look for horses in Florida last year. I was so impressed with her operation and ability to sell dressage horses that once I made my decision I contacted Heidi. I made arrangements to ship him to her. I was confident she would care for him like I did and find the best match for this sweet and talented horse. Heidi and her staff have exceeded my expectations by a long ways. Heidi had a buyer before he ever was on her website. Literally, he was sold the minute his picture and bloodlines went on her Facebook page as he stepped off the van. He was sold in about two weeks.

Thank you so much for finding Delaware someone to love him and enjoy all his talents. You and your staff are wonderful!Kaaren Powell


Hi Heidi, just wanted to thank you for making the process of selling my horse, Nids, so easy. You handled everything very professionally and honestly, and it was much appreciated. I would highly recommend you. Thanks again!”  Sharon Darien



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